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ORRA Yoga & Wellness

 is a magical Boutique studio in San Francisco, Yoga community, offering a combination of yoga practice, meditation, and mat pilates, combined with multiple ancient methods.

We focus on connecting the movement and the breath. The body, mind & spirit.

through the right  practice we create more energy, balance, stillness, focus, strength, clear mind and open heart.

We learn how to be more ourselves  and more grounded, so we can take these techniques and use them in our daily lifestyle.


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“It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.” B.K.S. Iyengar

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Hi you, i am truely happy and exited you are here.

My name is Or. I am a certified Yoga Teacher & Pilates Instructor. 

My main interest is to live with a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

The understanding of the connection between the emotional state and physical pain changed my world. 


It's been a long time that I am suffering from chronic back pain. I served 2 years in the IDF (israeli defense forces) and carried really heavy weights which damaged my back. I couldnt accept the fact that i am young and healthy and suffer from back pain all the time. I Went to see all kind of doctors tried a lot of things but there was not really a "problrem" found. just pain, which I did not receive solutions for from conventional medicine. 

After attempting different methods from a true desire to heal, I was exposed to a chiropractic center in Israel that involved treating not just the physical body but also the emotional and psychological states. This led me to the beginning of my journey to treat my body, mind and soul as one. 

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Or has an awesome way of relaxing your mind and allowing you to truly embrace your practice. Her positive energy and passion for teaching leaves me feeling balanced and ready to take on whatever the rest of the day has in store!

Sarah M.

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