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Hi you, i am truely happy and exited you are here.

My name is Or. I am a certified Yoga Teacher & Pilates Instructor. 

My main interest is to live with a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

The understanding of the connection between the emotional state and physical pain changed my life. 


It's been a long time that I am suffering from chronic back pain. I served 2 years in the IDF, and carried heavy weights which damaged my back. I couldnt accept the fact that i am young and healthy and suffer from back pain all the time. I Went to see all kind of doctors tried a lot of things but there was not really a "problem" found. just pain, which I did not receive solutions for from conventional medicine. 

After attempting different methods from a true desire to heal, I was exposed to a chiropractic center in that involved treating not just the physical body but also the emotional and psychological states. This led me to the beginning of my journey to treat my body, mind and soul as one. 

I wanted to get to know the human body from the inside and know how does it funcion, therefore  began studying to become a Pilates Instructor in Tel Aviv University.

I practiced pilates for many years and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding

of my body with more than just practicing. 

After I understood how does the body works, how to work on each muscle, what nutrition is good for me, how to listen to my body, I wanted to give this knoledge away. I started to teach small groups in Tel Aviv and in a studio in Pardesiya where i grew up. 

I felt much better, but still was looking for a way to end the suffering. To stop the pain. To heal myself. I realized that pain can come from so many reasons and that i need to start working from the inside out.  

When I tried yoga for the first time it was Vinyasa flow, I didnt really know what to do but  felt something I have never felt before.  

I knew that this feeling was going to change my life one day.. I only return to the yoga world later on. When i was ready. When it was my time to dive deep into this incrdible world. And into myself.

So I expanded my awareness and became involved in the wide yoga world and did my Yoga Teacher training with Wonderland Healing Center. 

Today i am owner and founder of Orra Yoga & Wellness studio. 

Teaching Yoga and Pilates in San Fransisco. Groups, privates, online classes,Workshops, and Retreats. There is nothing i love more then teaching, meet amazing new people and help them feel better with themself.  Mentally and physically as one.

Later when COVID-19 started i realized that now more then ever, we need to put ourselves and our health first. with all the stress that surrounding us we need to keep our mind and body clam, cause fear feeds all diseases.


I suffered and still suffering from chronic pains that do not have a diagnosis in conventional medicine - which leads me to alternative medicine. My pain lessens through practice and consistency, through stretching, breathing and strengthening. Through being aware of the needs and feelings of my body. What we put into our body matters.

I am learning everyday how to use and incorporate the techniques and tools i acquired in my daily life.


My purpose is to deliver and share these feelings and desires

to make all the beautiful humans that are looking for a change, join me to a healing journey, to feel more at ease with yourself and with your surroundings. thank you for reading my story.

can't wait to hear from you. With Love, Or.

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